This is MarkView Chrome Extension Download Page

markview version 2.5.48


  1. Download the zip file from above link to your computer.
  2. Unzip the zip file in your computer.
  3. open Chrome Browser, go to chrome://extensions/
  4. Make sure select "Developer mode"
  5. Click "Load unpacked extension...", load the path from your unzip file location
  6. Select "Enable" and "Allow access to file URLs", start using MarkView.
  7. Click "Options" to go to options page to use more options.

The following instructions are in Chinese


  1. 从上面的链接下载zip文件到您的计算机。
  2. 在您的计算机里将zip文件解压缩。
  3. 打开Chrome浏览器,进到这个地址 chrome://extensions/
  4. 在页面里确定选择“开发者状态”(Developer mode)
  5. 点击 "载入打开的插件...", 从解压缩文件位置加载
  6. 选择“启用”和“允许访问文件URL“后就可以使用MarkView。
  7. 点击“选项”转到选项页面以使用更多选项。