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MarkView Advanced Features

November 3, 2014 . blogmarkview . Comments
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MarkView advanced version current has six excellent Features: Visual Editor, Custom Styling, Footnotes Support, Dynamic Outline, Table Sorting and Slides Presentation.

Options Page

Location: chrome-extension://iaddkimmopgchbbnmfmdcophmlnghkim/options.html

MarkView Options Page

Advanced Features

1. Visual Markdown Editor

Visual Markdown Editor

  • WYSIWYG Markdown editor: What you see is what you get
  • Easy to use: edit area and preview area side by side, instant update
  • Auto-save editing document inside browser by every 10 seconds.
  • Be able to open file from local disk and save(download) file to local disk.
  • Both editor and preview have syntax highlight, editor also show line number, fold/unfold ability.
  • Usage:
    1. Go to optiongs.html -> click "Advance Access" and input login info.
    2. Refresh optiongs.html page to see "Advance Access" turn Green, then click "Open Markdown Editor".

MarkView Advanced Features

2. Custom Styling Feature

  • Add Theme CSS into Selection
    More markdown theme css files can be seen from here, and css source
  • Add Code Style CSS into Selection
    More code style css files can be seen from here, and css source
  • Write CSS in this textarea and save
    1. Select checkbox "Use Custom Style" and click "Save My Options"
    2. Enter the style you like (css) below in textarea and save.
    3. Navigate to your markdown page
    4. Click the browser action icon

3. Footnotes Support Feature

  1. Make sure UNcheck checkbox "Use Slide Style".
  2. Navigate to your markdown page.
  3. Click the browser action icon
  4. Hey, footnotes are presented!
How To write footnotes:
  • Each footnote need to be in a separate line, start with 0 to 3 space ( less than 4 space). Here is an example:

    This! is a test note[^note] this is awesome!
    What it is?  
      [^note]: this is footnote 
    Ok, got it!

4. Slides Presentation Feature

  1. Select checkbox "Apply Slide Format" and click "Save Options"
  2. Navigate to your markdown page (file has "---" at the end to seperate each slide )
  3. Click the browser action icon, Slides will show up.
  4. Use keyboard's ^ and v to select slides themes, use > and < to go through each slide.
  5. Full Presentation Mode: Chrome -> View -> Enter Presentation Mode
  6. Export to PDF: Chrome->File->Print... -> Open PDF in preview -> save as PDF file
  7. Post at or others: Upload the PDF file to -> DONE!

Below is the Sample Online Slides uploaded at

How To convert markdown document to slides:
  • Inside markdown file, use '---' as seperator for each slide, make sure to put '---' at the end of each slide.

5. Advanced-Outline Theme: auto scroll-spying and table sorting

  1. In Options Page, make sure uncheck "Apply Slide Format".
  2. In Selections -> Document Theme -> select "Advanced-Outline"
  3. Navigate to your markdown page.


More New Advanced Features are coming ...


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  2. MarkView Basic Features Version
  3. MarkView User's Guide in Chinese 中文说明

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